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Nature-inspired relief prints by Artist Alexis Kageyama


Aloha! I'm Alexis Kageyama, a Maui-based ​artist creating linocut prints that capture ​the vibrant spirit of our island's flora and ​fauna. Originally from California, I'm ​constantly inspired by the unique ​biodiversity of Hawai‘i. My art celebrates ​this beauty and serves as a personal ​exploration, each piece a learning journey ​that invites you to appreciate the island's ​special character. I hope you find ​something you enjoy here!


& Commission

I am delighted to accommodate ​wholesale orders of greeting cards, art ​prints, and more for brick-and-mortar ​retailers seeking to add my artwork to ​their offerings. Additionally, inquiries for ​special commission projects are ​welcomed, whether from individuals ​seeking bespoke pieces or commercial ​entities with unique artistic requirements. ​Please don't hesitate to reach out and ​share details about your project; I look ​forward to partnering with you!



Giving Back

Each year, a portion of my art sales are ​donated to support local conservation ​groups. These dedicated organizations ​work tirelessly to safeguard our native ​ecosystems, ensuring a vibrant and ​healthy future for us all. Every time you ​make a purchase, you become a partner in ​this crucial mission – a small act with a ​significant impact.

I am also happy to support local non-​profits with donations of art and creative ​services. Please reach out to see how we ​can collaborate with you and make a ​difference together!

Thanks for stopping by!

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